I have internet connection but the taskbar icon shows me having no internet access

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I have internet connection, and I can browse various sites aside from those ones banned in my region, but for some reason, the taskbar icon indicates that I have no internet access (icon of earth with a no sign).


I don't know how or why this happened, it's suddenly like this out of nowhere. The "Network and Internet" tab shows that I need to do "something" and there is a "launch internet explorer and connect" or something like that. I clicked on it, and it leads to "msftconnecttest.com/redirect" site, which would then redirect to MSN. But it would still shows that I have no internet connection.


I really need a solution to this as I can't even log in Xbox or anything that is Microsoft-related. I have tried regedit and network restoration, both not working. DISM returned no system error whatsoever. Reboot also did nothing. I don't know if it's a configuration issue or anything but as of now this is getting really annoying.


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Hi @Serene1384 

most often you need to perform a Windows update and restart your computer, download updates for applications in the Microsoft Store, and perform a full Defender scan.

What kind of Windows are you writing about?

@A1 Thanks for the reply but I already solved it by changing the reg file, uninstalling the network adapter and then reinstalling it. Not sure how it solved it or how it happened in the first place, and I totally didn't do that on purpose, but I'm glad I get it done.


It looks like the reason behind it is the site (it used to be www.msftncsi.com) referenced in the reg file changed (www.msftconnecttest.com) but all the ISPs in my region didn't update their protocols for some reason and caused such issue.