How to permanently disable/remove Sticky Keys?

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For some reason, probably because I sometimes keep LSHIFT pressed or something, the Sticky Keys pops up despite having it disabled in Settings.


Is there a way to completely remove/uninstall/disable this as I am not sure what other setting is available to make it not popping up under any circumstances.


I would imagine a Registry edit or even a custom Win11 installation (more drastic) would be possible unless there is a less invasive way?



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This is an easy fix. First open settings app and go to accessibility. Once there go to keyboard. At the top it should show sticky keys. Turn this off. Now sticky keys will be disabled.

Hope this helps

@Ethan_Garfinkle   I have gone into the ease of access settings and checked the sticky keys off and when I press shift a few times (mostly when panning the camera in blender) I still keep getting that noise and it does not disable them :(



See if this fix helps you:


Let us know if this helps!


Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog by a trusted Microsoft MVP.


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@Ethan_Garfinkle This is not true. You can keep disabling sticky keys but what is being asked is to actually never enable sticky keys. What you are actually describing is more akin to "turn off sticky keys" and yes i realize disable is the keyword that M$ uses. 


The problem is that as long as sticky keys is on the system it will get enabled because people like to play with the L-SHIFT key or whatever the trigger is ... or maybe we're just playing video games and those keys are used all of the time.

The actual fix is to:
1.) go to "accessibility keyboard settings" (just like you said)
2.) toggle sticky keys to "off" (just like you said)
3.) click the sticky keys and go into the section itself (you missed this) and turn all of these to "off".





@ss6661520 Thanks for the tip. It worked on my Windows 11 Pro at least.

Thank you for this quick hack. It is working on my pc too.

@ss6661520After all that is turned off, it will still come back and haunt you if you hold the shift to long.  Who uses this crappy thing and why can we (apparently) not remove it from Windows.  It is so aggravating.


If you remove them from Window then things will be much easier.
Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for! :grinning_face: