How to Change the Brightness of Screen in Windows 11

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Step 1: Open the Windows Settings app.

Step 2: When it opens, go to the sidebar and click "System," then "Display."

Step 3: Scroll down to the section titled "Brightness & Color."

Step 4: Use the slider under "Brightness" to adjust the brightness of your built-in display.

Step 5: Close the Settings app when you are done.

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I have an issue where it DOESN'T show the brightness bar, do you know how I could potentially fix this?
I have the same issue. Asus PN50 with Benq 4k display.

I don't have that setting on my pc. @ammarjaved 

It is just night light, color profile and HDR under the brightness and color menu. 

@ammarjaved  I have the problem of having to go in frequently and change my setting back to what I originally set it to. This does not only happen upon startup, in can happen multiple times in a session. Very frustrating and annoying. As I have been typing this message, I answered the phone and when I returned to the screen it had automatically dimmed the brightness.


This is not the only bug I have encountered in the latest version of Win10 and now in Win11. All problems are around the graphics and screen. My machine is only 12 months old.

Update Windows
Update your Windows
Update ur Windows
Try to Update Windows
, Update Windows

@ammarjavedI have the latest version complete with updates of Windows 11. All drivers are up to dates.

Still happens.




I thougt the update yesterday fixed it, but I was wrong. Still have the horrible light screen and no way to adjust in settings. It hurts my eyes.
the brightness bar wont pop up… idk why they can’t just make it easier to change ur brightness..



I have updated to windows 11 but having problem to adjust the brightness of my laptop Lenevo ideapad 330s , because there is no brightness slider to be found in that setting. Please help quick, its hurting my eyes and i need to work on it everyday for hours.


Thank you in advance for your quick reply.


For the Ideapad, try holding down the Fn key on the bottom left of the keyboard, then press F11 to reduce brightness. Fn + F12 increases brightness. Hope this helps.



I have tried this :


For the Ideapad, try holding down the Fn key on the bottom left of the keyboard, then press F11 to reduce brightness. Fn + F12 increases brightness


but no response of lower brighter reaction, no sign of pop up slider also.


Please recheck.

The only other option, I can think of, is to try clicking the F11 key, without pressing the Fn key. Other than that, if Lenovo can't help to recover brightness control through the hardware keys, as a very last resort, consider a downgrade to Win 10.

@ammarjaved . why not show brightness settingwhy this problem?why this problem?

I have the issue in adjusting screen brightness for windows 11.  Screen brightness adjust toggle is unavailable. This happened after updates. Could you please help with this.  @ammarjaved



Mine does not have the brightness bar or the option to roll back the driver. I am up to date with windows updates. Windows 11 is just not what I had hoped it would be and this bright screen hurts my eyes and head. So is there a fix or work-around? Even the night mode is too bright.