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How To Bypass Upgrade Block (Safeguard Hold) In Windows 11

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Disable Safeguard Holds from Group Policy

Perform the following steps to bypass upgrade blocks using the Group Policy editor:

  1. Launch the Group Policy editor by typing in gpedit.msc in the Run Command box.
  2. Now navigate to the following from the left pane:
  3. Local Computer Policy >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Windows Update >> Manage updates offered from Windows Update
  4. Now double-click “Disable safeguards for Feature Updates in the right pane.
  5. From the policy window, select the Enabled radio button, and then click on Apply and Ok.
  6. Now run the following cmdlet with elevated privileges.
  7. Safeguard holds will now be disabled for your PC.



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Thanks for sharing, though most of the time it would be best to not bypass the hold.

Such as the recent printer error which could be very bad as well of bluescreens.

Yup that's true but if you are on a production machine and your app requirements forbid you from upgrading, then you should stop the upgrade at any cost..
Thank you for replying!
Windows 11 works wonderfully and all my apps work fine :) have a good day

Hi @nanosani 

To make your post more helpful, I'll add official documentation, and an explanation of when this workaround can be applied safely!

Opt out of safeguard holds - Windows Deployment | Microsoft Learn

@A1 Wow perfect. Thanks! :hearteyes: