Hi! I wanted Windows 11 to look like 10, but broke the Explorer search bar. Can anyone please help?

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Specifically, I followed Tom's Hardware guide ( https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/windows-11-look-like-windows-10 ), so I installed and customized Open-Shell and set the NoTaskGrouping and UndockingDisabled Registry values: now Windows 11 really looks almost identical to Windows 10, and I find it much more familiar and productive.


I've done some knock-out tests and have been able to trace the fault to the UndockingDisabled value: when deleted, the Explorer search bar works again, but of course the Explorer UI also goes back to the Windows 11 style.

Furthermore, I tried re-enabling the Taskbar search bar (which I normally disable) and found out it's totally unresponsive as well!


I've already tried using "Search and Indexing"-specific troubleshooting, restarting the Task Manager search process and the Search Service, but all were to no avail...


Thanks for your attention!

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We won't recommend using unofficial solutions and instead if you are looking for a customization method or feature missing in the Windows 11, make sure report it using the Feedback Hub app. Since you used a method from non-Microsoft website, you may ask them (since they create it).
Meanwhile, you may open the Command prompt as administrator and then type the following command:

sfc /scannow

@Jacopissimo  Hi

I admire your enthusiasm for improving Windows11, but I do not have time for such experiments - it remains with Windows10 !

I think it is worth waiting for the fixes in the official update, and if they are not there now, 2025 will be decisive.

Best regards

Hi Jacob,

If possible, please download the ISO for your Windows 11 on the website, if not able to access it on the computer due to your situation.

Kindly go to another computer then download the Media Creation Tool, choose another PC and download it to the USB.

Plus, in the USB into your affected computer and try to open it, this is called an in-place upgrade that will fix any corrupted files.

Also you may use the sfc /scannow and dism cleanup-image restorehealth command :)