Help Please! Lost 2nd partition on Drive 1 (Boot) and Drive 0 corrupted following Windows Update

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My Hassee laptop Computer has two 2Tb Drives with partitions C (Boot) and D, and the 2nd Drive has E drive. Last Thursday night (8th Feb) I started a backup of my D drive to the E drive and left it overnight to complete I did not get to my computer until the Friday lunchtime and found to my horror that windows had automatically updated and had not completed, nor left trace of the backup. Add to that the D drive partition had gone and E drive contents had not changed apart from the folder created to store the backup of "D" was empty.

I tried to uninstall the two updates and received the error messages that they could not be reversed back to the original state. I have tried to restore the MBR to no avail, I tried a system restore but no prior dates were found despite setting a restore point before the backup. I bought the AOMEI suite and found there were some 6200 partitions of 256kb to 128Mb in a variety of formats: NTFS, FAT32, Ex-14 I'm a bit desperate for help as the D drive has a lot (450 GB) of saved CAD files and other tech drawing and documentation files important to me. This backup happened as my usual backup drive went belly up earlier in the week.

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As I cannot find a solution I have sent the drive away to a data restoring company in the hope the files can be recovered.