Gmail alerts only pop up when opening Mail app

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I have added my Gmail account to the Windows Mail app.

For some reason, the incoming Gmail mail alerts that appear in the lower right corner only pop up when I open the Mail app itself, which defeats the purpose of notifying me.
This issue is not present with my Hotmail account that I've also added to the Mail app. This Gmail issue was not present on Windows 10.

- Re-adding the Gmail account and reinstalling the Mail app did not resolve this. 
- POP and IMAP are already turned ON in the Gmail browser settings

Is someone else having this issue at the moment?
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Try run Windows Update and download and install all updates.
Try open Microsoft Store and check for updates.
In case problem persists, open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Thank you for the reply.

Are you experiencing the same issue in the Mail app with Gmail?
Have you tried updating Windows and Mail app?
If yes, what was the result?
Yes I have, it didn't help. Could you please test this on your end with a Gmail account in the windows mail app? I'm not sure if this is a universal issue or not.
Could someone please test this out on the Windows Mail App? I'm curious whether whether this is an issue only on my end.


Hi, I on many computers have a gmail account synchronization with the Mail app for Windows10 (everything works great), so it's a problem that concerns your configuration.


Thanks for testing. So you receive email alerts from Gmail in your Mail app even when Mail app is closed?


If yes, could you please check something for me?

In your online Google Security settings, do you have 2-step verification enabled and does it show "Email on Windows" when clicking the App Passwords? Please see the attachment for details on how to see this.


No, mail for Windows10 does not require( application password ) there are no notifications - because I always disable this application in the background.
The mail application for Windows10 is classified as safe , so you do not need to confirm the 2FA account, if it is a personal computer , in the organization it depends on the administrator settings.

Wait, so you don't get Gmail notifications from the Mail app when the app is closed because you've disabled it? How about if you enable it but keep Mail app closed and send a mail to your Gmail account, because that's the issue I'm talking about.
OH, after sending I have an immediate notification (so I can not close the application so quickly it is not possible)

Is it possible to send from your phone instead? Because the issue is about not receiving alerts when the mail app is closed.


Yes, if the mail app is closed, I don't have notifications, but I don't use the default settings – and this behavior is great for me!

I would probably go crazy if the mail sent notifications all the time (I would do anything to turn it off).

So someone else needs to confirm this mail behavior in order for it to be reliable.

Best regards   

Thanks for testing.

Just to make sure, you have tested this while not using the default settings for alerts? Or did you test it out while enabling alerts for Gmail in the Mail app settings? The latter is what I'm curious about. You can disable it again afterwards if you like.
Check your Windows settings to see if you have enabled notifications from other senders, and see what apps can send notifications (this setting should be turned on for the mail app).
There are no separate settings for Gmail!
They are all enabled in Windows settings. In the Mail app settings you can set alerts separately for each account that is added in your Windows Mail app.

Hence me wondering how you tested this out. Alerts should be on for Gmail in Windows Mail app settings.
now on the default settings I do not have notifications from the mail application for Windows, so this is confirmed.
Thanks a lot for your time to test this