Feedback hub not showing my feedback

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Over the years have reported about 10-15 bugs and issues via Feedback Hub (none has been fixed) and also was in the Windows Insider Program until recently. The last report in Feedback Hub was a month or so ago. When I went to check how it's doing I was surprised I didn't see any of my feedback there. It seems that leaving Windows Insider program somehow caused this even though most if not all feedback reports were from release, not insider builds. I haven't even used insider build for years. I submitted a new feedback complaining about this problem and currently this is the only one of mine I see.


Why don't I see all my feedback submissions? How to get them back?

I tried asking Microsoft support agents, but they directed me to ask here.


I tried resetting Feedback Hub app, but that didn't help. Also OS has been reinstalled since the issue with Feedback Hub appeared.

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If you leaved Windows Insider program at some time, this could be the root cause. Also, have you signed out and signed in back, or used different account to provide feedback?
I said I tried resetting the Feedback Hub app, that implies fresh login afterwards. Also the issue is present on all my machines, including one just with drivers and updates installed.

Why would Feedback be tied in any way to Insider program if am posting it from non-insider builds? Makes no sense.