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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Facebook not loading in windows 11

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I upgraded to windows 11 and the only issue i seem to have is on edge and chrome and the facebook app it wont load.  any ways to fix this issue?

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Im having the same issue , wont load on any browser, or the FB app in windows, the messenger app works oddly though..

@Houni12770 i fixed it by rolling back my ethernet driver and boom now it works perfectly!

you are my new best friend.. i updated mine and it works perfect, didnt even think about that, apperently mine was from 2020....but i have redone windows a few times since i got this pc last year haha , thanks <3



Updating Chrome fixed it for me.


I am having the same issue, FB is not loading or it's taking forever to load, I can't Admin my FB group, I won't use anything but Google, so is there a solution or do we need to uninstall 11? My Google Chrome is up to date, I just checked and I already have the latest version =(

I have the same issue. Windows 11 messenger app is stuck on getting started window and a message is displayed in the same window saying to “allow permission to access stored credentials.”


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, resetting and repairing the app and youtube instructions on resetting Ipconfig using cmd. 

Appreciate if you could help me fix this issue. :folded_hands: 



I haven't found a fix, but it seems like a different problem than yours.

@jessejameswalthour go to settings and find the installed apps section. then select the edge and click "modify" then "repair"