Conflicting Windows 11 Eligibility Statement

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The list of CPUs compatible with Windows 11 says my laptop running Windows 10 version 21H1 and using an Intel Core i7 6500U processor supports Windows 11.  However, the PC Health Check says my CPU is not supported and I can't get Windows 11. Why?

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Hello, please see this - I think it will be a partial explanation.
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@svanwigI'm not sure where you were seeing the 6500U on the compatibility list.  It is not listed on the Windows 11 Intel CPU Compatibility List.


(Perhaps you were seeing the 6500Y, G6500, or G6500T on there and mistook those for the 6500U?  These are not the same processor/architecture as the 6500U that you have.)


6500U is a 6th generation processor, and only select 7th generation and 8th generation and up processors are supported on the Intel side for Windows 11.  The PC Health Check app is correct, and your computer is not formally compatible with Windows 11.

@ShawnMaiberger  Thanks very much for your reply.  I was definitely looking at the wrong supported CPU chart (Windows 10 version 21H1).  You're correct.  The chart for Windows 11 does not include my Intel Core i7-6500U CPU. 

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