Circle icon in the right bottom corner of the screen in games.

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How do I turn off this icon? There is also a microphone icon next to it when my Mic is plugged in.

I checked many settings but couldn't find where to turn it off. So very annoying.



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@OskarKowalczukThis is the NVIDIA instant replay icon letting you know that their background process caching the last 5 minutes of your game (or whatever) is active. You can make it go away by turning off NVIDIA instant replay (I think the default key combination is Shift-Alt-F10). You can do more configuration in the NVIDIA overlay, or disable the overlay altogether by using the GeForce Experience application.


Took me a while to figure it out; but wanted to post my results here for anyone else who might be confused like me.

@yuzu_drink You can disable these icons without disabling Instant Replay. Here's how:

Access the GeForce Experience overlay (Alt+Z) and click the settings cog on the lower-right corner. From there, choose "HUD layout", then "Status indicator". Clicking "Off" will disable these icons without disabling Instant Replay.


Once I understood this, I decided not to disable them because I like knowing whether or not Instant Replay is active.