Can I update my Windows Preview program from OEM WINDOWS?

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My computer is a Book of Honor Magic, it uses an OEM system, does my participation in the Windows Preview program mean that this will change my original system and lose the functionality provided by the OEM or cause other unstable factors? Hope to get your answer, thank you!

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Hi @Emotion_ 

Get started with the Windows Insider Program - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

This is the official documentation,

If Windows activation is linked to your Microsoft account, that's all right, you won't lose your license, etc. and your settings, apps, and personal files will still remain.

But start testing new features in the RP channel.

If it is to be a computer also for everyday work, it is Beta and Dev channels. install on another computer only for testing.

It is worth being in the Insider Program, good luck.

Thank you for your answer. This is a computer I mainly use, and it is said that beta can also stop the preview plan for a while and wait to get the official update, right? Does that also mean I can go back to the official version from the beta channel without loss? In addition, the beta version should not get the driver that conflicts with the OEM's original?


You can not do this, most often to return to the public version of Windows you need to perform a clean installation of Windows, which will remove everything!

Only upgrading to a higher version does not remove picnics and apps