Battery icon sucks

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The battery icon sucks, it always makes it look like I have no power left ESPECIALLY when I have battery saver mode on. Not a huge deal but definitely something I'd love to see changed. Maybe just move the leaf to the left? And increase the overall accuracy. It would also be nice if I can see the exact percentage without needing to press on it.



This is at 49%

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Totally agree, this has to be changed

From Segoe Fluent Emoji Font, it is shown that there are only 6 statuses of the battery, so that's the problem.


HOWEVER, Microsoft seems to be developing a new way, as below


there are 11 which made it better

..Hopes Microsoft replace these to the new ones asap

I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and share your concern and report this issue.