Battery Drain on Surface Pro 7 after Windows 11

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Hi. I'm having this trouble. Normally I'm not using my Surface Pro 7 as my main computer so I never paid attention before. In 20 minutes I lost 13% of my battery. This is extremely frustrating. I contacted Microsoft Customer Service and they either transfer me among themselves telling me that "it's not their department" and also many times they hung up on me. So I am desperately seeking help here. The only reason I bought this computer is because it was small and I could rely on the battery. Now it is a complete useless piece of garbage that I paid too much money for :') Has anyone fixed this issue yet?


If anyone is around here, please help me with this issue. I can't go back to Windows 10 since it has been a while now. I need to hold on to this computer until I make a bit more money and crash it with a sledgehammer and swear to never use Microsoft products again...


Thank you for reading my post.

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@aec_1818 Same problems with battery in my case. Windows 11 seems to drain a lot of battery :\



" I'm not using my Surface Pro 7 as my main computer "

I think this is one of the reasons for the high battery consumption - just leave the computer asleep overnight and turn on the power - this will allow you to properly maintain the system (perform many necessary processes), in the morning disconnect the computer from the power supply and see if it helps.

Please write what you think because you rather have your computer turned off at night?

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I also have the same issue here, I lose 1% batterie per minute without doing anything. Very frustrating. This happened since I upgraded to Win 11. I have two older Surface pro 3 that last way more.

Battery report looks good and only have 24 cycles so the issue is not the battery. Waiting for a solution from Microsoft.