Audio defaults to monitors, after restart, when changing projection (Win+P)

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Hi there,


I have 3 monitors and 1 VR headset on my gpu, I have a few different monitor setups for different usages depending if I'm working or gaming.


The problem (occurs only once in every power up or after a restart) is every time I disable a monitor or turn it off from the button and then extend desktop to that monitor again (or power it up) the audio device changes from my sound system (back I/O jack port) to the monitor speakers which I literally never wanna use.


Is there a way to disable the speakers on the monitors and prevent windows from adding them again and again everytime I power up each of my monitors individually?


The monitors themselves have just volume adjustment and mute which I have all of them muted but doesn't prevent windows from defaulting the audio there without even asking me is hella frustrating

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