AMD Ryzen 5 2500U and Windows 11 compatibility

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I read the list of compatible cpu for Windows 11 and I noted that AMD Ryzen 5 2500U is not in the list.

This is a fairly recent CPU as it was released Oct 26th, 2017 and my computer was bought new in April 2019! 

Is there a process currently utilized by Microsoft to receive requests to revise the list as this specific cpu may have missed the compatiblity list for some reason.

I noted that there are many users wanting to upgrade their computer with this specific CPU around the world that are in the same situation and can't upgrade to Windows 11.

Looking forward to a feedback about this one !

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Exactly the same issue here, and bought mine at the end of 2019. Really high spec in other respects, for image editing, 32gig ram etc. Not ready to replace it just yet. Works a treat but incredibly disappointed in this.
ik ook heb HP laptop met Ryzen 5 2500u en kan geen windows 11 upgraden is 2 jaar oud erg echt erg.
Same issue here. I have a Ryzen 5 - 2500U and it seems that windows 11 does not support this processor. I hope it's just a miss, since it's not an old processor and I see no reason why Win11 would not be supported by this one.
Microsoft didn't share any update on changing requirements. However, I advise you to file a report using the Feedback Hub app and share your concern.

@Reza_Ameri   Great idea.  Thank you.  Just submitted the report through the feedback hub.  Hope Microsoft will consider adding the cpu to the list.

Welcome, there is no new news about the requirement but you may share your concern using the Feedback Hub app.
hello ( sorry for my english ^^)

i've got a Lenovo 330s-15rr and running actually on W11 ,Ryzen 5 2500 u , 12 Go DDR4 :)
A patch is on AMD url :



As of 2-15-22 I see the the 2500u is now supported. Capture.JPG


This is the Windows 10 21h2 list.. unfortunately the 2500u is still not part of the windows 11 list.
This list is for Windows 10.
The list for Windows 11 is the following:
And your processor is not supported.
Thank you.. yes effectively. But since, I was still able install Windows 11 on my laptop with 2500u using the standard windows 11 installation process at .
Did you modify registry or make any changes to the installation?
This is weird because installation should have blocked it.
Nope.. straight from windows 11 bootable usb key.
That is interesting, thank you for sharing

@Reza_Ameri @ClaudeDr 

And do you get Windows updates?

Are you facing any issue with the Windows Update?
No, but I had read somewhere that if you did not go through the upgrade process you would not be able to install updates afterwards. I haven't started the installation yet. Did you had to enter a new license key or did it use the Win10 license key?
Thank you for the clarification.
In case your device is ready for the Windows 11, and it means in case you run the PC Health Check app, it shows your system is ready, then upgrading to the Windows 11 using Windows Update menu (recommended) or manually using DVD or USB then you will receive all updates when available.
However, in case you bypass the requirements, for example in case your CPU is not supported but you use methods to upgrade (which is possible), then your PC will be put into unsupported state. In this case, you might be able to upgrade to Windows 11, but you might not receive all updates, because your system is not supported.

@fwalschap ... I installed Windows 11 in a dual boot config on my computer.  Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 are linked to the digital licence key of my microsoft account.

I do receive updates from Microsoft.  Latest ones are a number of cumulative update for Windows 11 and its anti-malware service.

So everything appears to fully work on my computer.