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OneDrive right click 'Always keep on this device' option is missing from my files options in Windows 11 (OS Build 22000.176). How can I get that back again?

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Just loaded the release and I have the same issue. :(
I had the same experience. Then I selected the "Show more options" menu item, had a look there, and unfortunately the "Always keep on this device" was absent here too. So I left clicked out of the menu for it to close and right clicked on another folder. This time the option list was much longer and it did include the "Always keep on this device" option! Since then all my OneDrive folders and files have the correct right-click menu.

@HGS56283 Yes, same here. Some files and folders  have the option, others down. 
I cannot figure out the logic behind or a work around so far. 

I have the same issue

 I have the same issue. @HGS56283 


Has this issue been rectified. Unfortunately, we heavily use OneDrive and Windows Explorer synchronisation to govern the efficient of our Doucment Control and functionality throughout our business. This is a significant set back.

Unfortunately this has not been rectified. Option to 'Always keep on this device' still not available for me and File Explorer is extremely slow. On one of my computers I ended up reinstalling Windows 10, which works perfectly. Is a pity as Windows 11 is great in many other respects.

Same problem after upgrade from Windows 10

"Always keep on this device" missing from File Explorer menu in Windows 11

& File Explorer too slow to use 

Same here

Just received a Dell laptop that I had ordered, with Windows 11 already installed. I'm having the same issue. Instead of allowing me to download multiple files all at once by right-clicking a folder, I have to right-click on the individual files themselves--highlighting all within one folder--and then choose "Always keep on this device." The option for that or "Free up space" only appears if you're clicking on the files, not the folders. Also, I've noticed that if I right-click on the Personal Vault, I'm sometimes able to get the options to free up or download, but if I choose either, it does nothing. @HGS56283 

Same here, my files synced to Onedrive then all of a sudden it deleted every folder on my desktop. Now, whenever I deselect folders to sync, windows automatically deletes it and doesn't keep it on my device.


Just wondering if there is any resolution to this issue? i'm staggered by the absence of this option and also by the fact that Windows/File Directory response time when selecting, clicking, double-clicking and right menu selection is pathetically slow. 


I haven't had any resolution yet. While it is a pain not having that option in the right click context menu, the extreme slowness of file explorer in general use is almost impossible to live with. It is wasting such a lot of time just waiting for folders to open.

@HGS56283 thanks for the reply. I'm hoping that we aren't the only ones on this planet with this issue and that Microsoft are working 24/7 to resolve this. Cheers.

@HGS56283 Hi, does anyone know of any fixes to this. I know only 6 weeks has passed but in my slightly naive way, I'm thinking that's more than enough time to sort this out?

I upgraded 2 pc's to win  11
1 was super quick file explorer, one was super slow
Reinstalled and superquick
Clearly an underlying problem but reinstall quickly - it will then be super quick again!
Right context menus are a pain yes though

Hi Paul. Thanks for the tip. How do reinstall Windows 11? I'll have a look online and see if I can understand that. Thanks very much.
I came a cross this earlier today. In messing about with settings the options have returned but don't yet know if this is a permanent thing or until I look away haha. Here's what I did.

In OneDrive settings, Settings tab, untick the Files on Demand option. Everything then started to download, so perhaps pause sync before doing this.

After a few minutes the expected OneDrive options appeared. I went back and re-ticked the Files on Demand box and the the options are still there, in fact they are now appearing in the right click menu without having to go to the Show more options.
Thanks GordonHB. I tried it but it doesn't work for me.
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@LalithaPutra I can confirm this is no longer an issue. It was resolved a few Windows 11 versions ago. :)

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