Alt Tab for Multiple Monitors, please

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Currently, "Alt+Tab" appears only on the primary monitor which poses an issue when working with a multiple monitor setup.


Imagine having 6 monitors, you'll get an "Alt+Tab" that shows all windows/apps open on each of the 6 screens - all on your primary monitor. That makes an alt tab that is so big, with dozens of "screens" that is rather hard to navigate. Good luck trying to figure out which window is open on which monitor.


So, I'd like to request to make it more optimal, please consider showing only the open windows/apps on the "ACTIVE /currently used monitor". So that when the user is working on his other screens and presses alt+tab, he can navigate his open windows on that monitor easily.


In short, please give each monitor it's own alt+tab, that contains its open windows only.


Thank you.



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Please try Win + Tab
Thanks for the suggestion. But, yes, I also know Win+Tab!

However, it's not as snappy as Alt+Tab, even when you are using the latest hardware (I have Ryzen 3950x and Nvidia 2080 Super, with the latest drivers and Windows 11, but it is still too slow as compared to Alt+Tab).

And lets be honest, alt+tab is already part of our muscle memory way back early 2000's (or 90's). So I think improving this feature would make a lot of sense, IMO.
Hi, I totally agree that alt + tab should be able to display apps on their actual displays.
Also, win + tab is annoyingly slow.
Please try Alt + Tab

Agreed - this is a must-have feature for multi-monitor setups!

I use a 3rd party software to make my multi-monitor life easier (I know it's not preferable, but as a one time purchase I find it an acceptable alternative). The program is called DisplayFusion if you'd like to check it out. I especially like the option to make my alt+tab only show my active monitor windows.