after updated 25158,some games dont use Dgpu but Igpu

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forgive my poor english,i'm a notebook user

my windows11 system is 25158.1000

before that,everything does well in my life,after that,everything is getting terrible!

some games dont use Dgpu but Igpu


their settings were use high performance GPU in NVIDIA control panel and windows too

even worse,i cant run PUBG and 7 days to die and 7 days to die makes my system turn into GREEN SCREEN.

need help!thanks in advance!

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i tried to disabled my igpu,and games still use dgpu,idk why.
but assassin's creed,warcraftIII reforged,grand theft auto V,they still use dgpu
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oh my god,bro,guess what? after i disabled my iGPU and enabled it,the problem got solved.if someone meet the same situation just like me,try this way!