Windows Subsystem for Linux Bash Shell Stopped working with error... Is this solution still the best

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  First, thank you in advance for any help provided.


  Second, below is the problem description and a link to another conversation that seems to describe the same problem from two years ago.  I have several questions, but the foremost is, does the work around solution described in the previous conversation still work two years later? Or, is there something better? [similar issue]



  After rebooting my computer I received the following error when I attempted to start Debian Bash.

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\TheDebianProject.DebianGNULinux_1.1.8.0_x64__76v4gfsz19hv4\debian.exe

The specified user does not have a valid profile.


My version of windows 10 is 1909

Recent updates to my machine (2 days ago)



[Similar Conversation]

I found the following conversation from 2018 on this form with a similar issue.


[What else I have done]

I have checked to see if there are any other updates that can be applied, which might have fixed the problem.



1. Does anyone know if this issue was caused by one of the updates listed above?

2. Does anyone know of a "correct" work around for fixing this issue, other than what I listed above?

3. Is there some other form/location I should report this to as a bug?

4. Would removing the updates, listed above, resolve the issue?

5. Does anyone know of something else that can be done?


Once again, thank you for the help



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Thank you again. In a desire to do something, I shutdown the computer and booted twice, followed by a restart, mostly because I was hoping that might help, and it did. Bash once again works without errors. There was no indication that a shutdown was required instead of a restart. Also, it took two shutdowns to make it work. It is amazing how fast I have become depended on WSL for doing my day to day job. Thank you again for those who looked at this issue. I believe it has been resolved.Cheers@Chadrick