Windows Search Not Responding

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Hello windows insiders,


Here in the Philippines, the start of classes is in the month of August because of this pandemic..

I am a student and i need Windows Search to get to my files. But when i click at the search bar, Windows search doesn't respond.  I hope that i would get windows search in good condition before the 24th of August. 


Any ideas that would help?


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Hello @Ejbravo0920,


Please run Search and Indexing troubleshooter from Settings app > Update & security > Troubleshoot. Let us know what it reports back. 



@KapilArya the troubleshooter didn't work but thanks for the info. I already have windows search back for no reason. * start of classes in the Philippines is rescheduled to the fifth of October. 

Glad the issue is resolved. Thanks @Ejbravo0920 for update!