Windows 10 Slow Startup

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My windows is super slow after logging in. I have checked Startup Items and they are very limited. Anything else I can check on that could be holding up the startup performance? It just sits on the Welcome screen with a spinning wheel for a few minutes. Thank you.



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Windows already sends diagnostics and telemetry when BSOD or other problems happen in Windows.
Thank you for participating and helping users.
True, but it is case when user set and permit to send such data. However, such data are private to Microsoft but when user post a feedback through the Feedback Hub app, then other users with the same issue could upvote and it will draw more attentions.
They need to be turned on for feedback hub to work properly too.
i know they are private, but that's not the point.
feedback hub is simply not the right solution for every problem.
Please read my post , I advised users to take actions and look into the Microsoft Support website AND share a feedback. I didn't ask users to just send a feedback. In case he or she would replied like I followed steps and it didn't worked , I would continue helping the user to solve the problem.


Yes, but like I said, if the problem is caused by a 3rd party software, AV etc. that is incompatible, or a tool that changed something in Windows, or a software driver, these things can't be solved by Microsoft, only by the 3rd party software developer itself.

Windows is pretty open, millions of software built for it, not all of them behave correctly when installed.