Windows 10 "Check for updates" button is broken

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So with Windows 10 21H1 and 21H2, I've noticed that the "Check for updates" button in Settings is broken if you're using registry tweaks to disable automatic driver updates.


Updates on Windows will get stuck at "Installing 100%" and not change back to the "Check for updates" button and will disappear from the settings page leaving some blank space in it's place, but as soon as I close the settings app and reopen the Windows Update page the button returns. This issue happened to me when I was using Windows 10 Pro and now it's happening on the Home version too.




The button also works fine if you restart the computer, it searches for updates, installs any updates if available and then displays the button again. But if you use your PC for long hours the button starts acting up for some reason and breaks.


I specifically use the registry tweaks to avoid unnecessary automatic driver updates from overwriting manually installed drivers such as GPU drivers and ruining my gaming experience and also these tweaks used to work perfectly without any issues with Windows 20H2, so I'm not really sure what's actually happening.


Thanks for reading

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Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Try perform a Clean Boot and see if the problem persist?
Take a look at:

Hey, thanks for the response


I would have reported it in Feedback Hub but I use an offline local account and also I have the a fresh new copy of Windows 10 installed on my computer with all the latest updates and it still results with the same issue.

Could you possibly report this issue via Feedback Hub for me? Just copy and paste the whole post.




Sending issue using the Feedback Hub, it will collect log files and personal data which due to privacy we couldn't ask you to share such a data using this forum. You may send a feedback whenever you had access to the internet.
Have you tried the Clean Boot?
If yes, what was the result?