Windows 10 PC Not Reading Headphone Mic

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My computer is not detecting the microphone on my headphones. I recently purchased a new headset with the intention of improving the clarity of my voice recordings and making myself more comfortable, as I currently have to lean in close to be heard.


The headset I bought is the SADES Angel Edition gaming headset, which comes with a built-in microphone and is entirely wired, eliminating the need for any setup, as indicated in the manual. However, despite following the instructions, the microphone is not functioning properly. I confirmed this by testing it on Audacity, gradually moving closer while recording my voice. The audio quality improved significantly when I moved closer, indicating that the computer is still using the built-in microphone instead of the headset's.

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Ensure that the headset's audio and microphone plugs are securely inserted into the corresponding ports on your computer. Sometimes, a loose connection can cause issues.