Windows 10 High Disk Usages

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I have Laptop with specifications as

Processor: i5-8250U 1.6GHz



Graphics: AMD Radeon 540 2GB


C Drive size is 100GB with 36.9 GB free of 99.9GB 


Windows 10 version: 1909


Startup applications: Realtek HD Audio and Windows Defender are enabled.


Mostly I have seen at Task Manger, disk usages are high even at idle mode.

Moreover, I have seen at Task Manger,

When Disk usages are high; CPU and Memory usages are low.

When Memory usages are high; Disk and CPU usages are low.

Some applications run at background.


I discussed with a technician. He said, the C drive is fully with garbage value so you have to re-install Windows 10 with deletion of all drives you created.


I checked Disk Defragment. It says 0% fragmented.


As of now, I am unable to take backup of all drive, therefore, please let me know, how to diagnose and resolve it.


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When you are noticing high disk usage, open up Task Manager and go to the Processes tab and sort by the Disk column to see what processes are most active at that time.

@InTechSys Disk usage is often high due to the installation of an update (background). This can be seen in the task manager.