Windows 10 Download Speed is very slow

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Although there is no internet connection speed issue on other mobile devices and computers connected to the same modem, the internet download speed is 2 Mbps and the upload speed is 9 Mbps on my computer. Both Windows 10 Pro and MacOS are installed on the same computer. When I switch to MacOS, the internet download speed is 75Mbps as it should be. I've tried the most common solutions suggested on Microsoft's site and other sites on the subject. None of them worked out. I reinstalled Windows 10 by protecting the files and programs on my computer, but there was no solution. I also shut down all non-Windows applications and services that started automatically when the computer was booted, again, there was no solution. I tried 7-8 more actions without any solution. My computer did not have such a problem 2 weeks ago. It started suddenly.
Windows 10 Pro was upgraded recently to version 1909. Even though, I'm not sure I suspect this might be the problem.
Any advice is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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I have gone through the list of troubleshooting on that link. However, none of them worked. I'm adding a log file here in case it may show any sign of failure and further suggestions. The only thing I noticed is:


Session Success/Failures

Status Count


Disconnect Reasons

Reason Count

  Network connection is stopped by driver. 1
  Operation is cancelled.1


Capability change on {a8b849d5-c8ac-4574-b100-2f776769b2f0} (0x47008002000000 Family: V4 Capability: None ChangeReason: CapabilityReset)


WLAN AutoConfig service has successfully disconnected from a wireless network.

Network Adapter: Broadcom 802.11ac Network Adapter
Interface GUID: {a8b849d5-c8ac-4574-b100-2f776769b2f0}
Connection Mode: Automatic connection
Profile Name: ege-5G
SSID: ege-5G
BSS Type: Infrastructure
Reason: Network connection is stopped by driver. 

@nedim34I suspect this might be something related to this:


Some more details about the issue:

I run Windows 10 on Mac Pro, where I also have MacOS.

I installed the recent updates on Windows 10 in early February 2020, but it didn't help.

Weird enough, I could connect to some Wifi modems with very slow connection (i.e. 2Mbps even though the real internet speed is 75Mbps) and could not connect to some others at all.


Result: I could not find a solution. Sadly, I had to format everything and start from scratch. Everything seems fine now, but lots of lost time.


P.S.: I forgot my former login credentials. So, I had to create another one.

Windows claims they have optimized downloads for windows and Xbox gaming app... although if you've ever sat and watched a 250 gb download, while watching your RX readings, you would know that they seem to have just changed what the computer registers as the download speed. Cfos internet shaping and traffic performance tool shows that I'm only receiving 8.6 mb/s and the download center in the play store shows 60 mb/s... i feel as if we're all being lied to. @nedim34 


Try update your network driver card and make sure report this issue through Feedback Hub app.

Are you experiencing performance issue when browsing websites too or are you only seeing slow performance when you run speed test?

I'm on feature update 20H2, I have regularly tried updating network driver card, flushing DNS, rebooting network, opening every port possible, setting a reserved ip address and even throttling everyone else on my network.


In this case, report this issue using Feedback Hub app like I mentioned earlier.


Please advise how to amend this annoying issue on my MacBook Pro.

I have windows 10 and up to date iso

over it!


As I mentioned, this issue is not reproduce in all devices , therefore submit a Bug report in Feedback Hub app , so Windows team could investigate the issue.

Nothing much problem, WiFi and network are going good . It may be problem in website server where you are doing or may on your browser. I should tell you that change browse related. If this did not help then download idm. It will boost your internet speed . You can download free for 30days or you can download crack from get into pc.


Constantly I get you are Not Connected even my 2 mobiles and other PC is connected. I am not a complete Novice but also not very Pc literate. Is there any plain English Help available.


My windows 10 pc is a good pc it should be running fast and downloading fast but ive been trying to download games on steam and its been going like 10 kb/s - 40kb/s can anyone help me because ive been trying to search up stuff for what to do to help it but i cant find the answer, anyone?

@nedim34 I have the same problem as you have described. Slow download, normal upload, other devices on the same LAN are unaffected.


Here are my troubleshooting steps in full:

Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
Version 21H2 (OS Build 19044.1526)

Slow download speed in Windows 10
The issue: Download speed on my Windows 10 workstation is 5 Mbps, whereas Upload speed is 8 Mbps, as measured by and my ISP’s speed test page. Download speed is 25 Mbps when measured by a Samsung A20 mobile, under Ubuntu Linux on the same workstation, and on a Windows 10 laptop in the same room. So clearly there is something wrong with the Windows 10 installation on the workstation, and it’s not a hardware issue.

I have documented the articles and steps I took to try and remedy the situation. (so far with zero success)

- Disable Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Update Process

Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options > Delivery Optimization : OFF

- Close Running Background Applications

WIN? + R > resmon > [Network] >

Examine which processes are transmitting the most bytes.
I shut down Dropbox, Steam, rsVPN (LAN for Sacred) and others,
get <10 kbps network activity, but download speed is still 5.86 Mbps, when it should be 25 Mbps.

- Stop background apps from running at Startup

Settings > Privacy > search for ‘Background Apps’ > Let apps run in background : OFF

- Use Google DNS

Right-click wifi logo next to clock > Open Network & Internet settings > Change adapter options > Right-click Wi-Fi > Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties > Use the following DNS server addresses > Primary DNS : ; Secondary DNS :

- Disable Windows Updates

? > Control Panel > search for ‘Administrative Tools’ > Services > Windows Update : Stop, Startup Type : Disabled

- Edit Group Policy Settings

This is only available in Windows 10 Pro. I have Windows 10 Home

- Install/Update Official Network Drivers

I uninstalled and deleted the drivers for the Wifi adapter and redownloaded and reinstalled them from the official site.

- CCleaner Free

Just ran the basic system drive cleaner and the Registry cleaner

- Glarysoft Utilities 5

Ran 1-Click Maintenance (no Disk Repair, no Tracks Eraser)
This program has a lot of functions, I did not investigate them yet.

- Disable firewall

Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall

Disable Windows Auto-Tuning

WIN > cmd > Run as administrator

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

To check the changes:

netsh interface tcp show global

- Disable Large Send Offload v2

My wifi adapter does not support this feature

- Get rid of Microsoft OneNote

Right-click Windows logo > Windows PowerShell (Admin)

Get-AppxPackage *OneNote* | Remove-AppxPackage
How To Speed Up Internet On Windows 10? 16 Ways Available [MiniTool News]

- Disable background apps
- Disable P2P downloads (AKA ‘Delivery Optimization’)
- Turn off metered connection
- Delete Temporary Files – Ccleaner and Glary Utilities took care of that
- Modify DNS
Apparently and are alternatives to Google’s DNS

Other steps are:
Flush the DNS cache
• Change Wi-Fi password
• Download one thing at a time
• Switch to another web browser
• Remove Microsoft OneNote
• Remove viruses and malware
• Disable Large Send Offload v2 (IPv4)
• Disable Window Auto-Tuning
• Install/update the official network drivers
• Disable automatic Windows updates
• Use a download manager

Which are the same steps as the previous article, which means MiniTool News cribbed from the previous author, or they both cribbed from a common source.

(Solved) Windows 10 Download Speeds VERY SLOW

Downloaded nvspbind.exe from

Installed nvsp.exe to C:\Windows\SysWow64\

Ran batch file with admin privileges containing the following commands:

.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_server
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_rdma_ndk
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_implat
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_netbios
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_lldp
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_tcpip6
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_pppoe
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_lltdio
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_server
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_netbt
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_msclient
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_ndiswan
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_pacer
.\nvspbind.exe /d * ms_ndiscap

- Did a scan with Malwarebytes FREE, 0 threats detected

- Did Windows Defender manual scan of C:\

THANK YOU very much for reading this far!

Anything else I could try?

I am about to reinstall Windows 10, but that means reinstalling all my apps and settings as well.
Before I do that, I look towards my fellow PC users to suggest something I have not yet considered.

Same issue, I tried everything,
My pc wifi would randomly turn off and on on certain days with very slow download

I contacted my wifi provider who said nope everything is OK,
My gaming consoles all working fine
My android phone working fine

Why does a small Samsung galaxy android phone wifi work better then Windows 10 pc that has alot more technology inside pc, bigger wifi receiver,

I never ever understood why a small android phone produces better quality wifi,

And trying to download something from Windows 10 own official browser and its a complete waste of time,

That's without Microsoft deleted everyone's DVD player that came preinstalled lol

Come on Microsoft your not greedy apple, stop trying to extract every little penny from your loyal long standing customers