Windows 10 Audio not Detecting

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I was going about my normal day and was using my computer as normal until I went to go somewhere so I put my computer into sleep.  Now I had done this many times before and I knew everything would be fine.  Yet when I came back later and turned back on my computer I had no audio.  I thought, this is strange it was working just fine 2 hours ago.  Now all I can figure out is that it is not detecting my default audio device.  I am running windows on my mac because it is better than macOS.  Yet I don't know why nothing works, I have reset my computer about 7 times by now, I have uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers about a thousand times, I have run the troubleshooter and all it says is that I don't have anything plugged in(which I do), and I have talked to many people to help me.  Nothing works, I know for sure it's nothing with the hardware because I haven't done anything to damage or disrupt it.  HELP ME OUT! I have things to do and I can't do them without audio.

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Uninstall any malicious software, i.e your 31tb of deku rule 34


Hi read this discussion carefully, but rather you will need a clean installation of Windows!

please write later.