Win 10 File Recovery.

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Im trying to use Win 10 File Recovery (for the first time) to recover stuff from a friend's external USB disk.


In Explorer the disk says it's empty; however winfr with /x finds 4,500 files and can recover them. The filenames, however, are gone - replaced by 01...02... etc. It 'subfolders' them by file type.


I'm now trying winfr /r to see if that recovers the filenames as well. (The 'default' scan with no options set didn't find any files at all.)




1. winfr...blah... no options = no files found.


2. winfr...blah... /x = 4500 files but with no original filenames.


3. winfr...blah... /r = still running but looks like it's finding files; don't know yet whether it'll recover them with their original names yet.


Q1: Is this name thing a "standard feature" of winfr?


Q2: Is it better to try restoring/repairing MFT etc. before resorting to winfr? What's the "best" order in which to try restoring files when Explorer says there aren't any.


Thanks for listening :)



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Did you use any other software application to recover? For me, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works the best in most cases.

It's better to recover as soon as possible as the days go by, the recovery becomes difficult.


Zee Ahmed,

Founder at One Smart Sheep