Why are some domain users showing as username.domain on local machine?

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Server 2016, windows 10 wkstations that are all joined to the same domain.  On some machines, c:\windows\users lists the domain users for that machine as simply   their username but on some other machines the same user is shown as username.domainname.


somehow I thought usernames without the .domainame were only local users, but apparently not so.


any problem with just logging into the problem machines as a local admain, and editing the username.domainame  to just username  ?   


only reason this issue of inconsistent paths for users came up is that local SharePoint path picks up that username.domain.  For a third party app, i need consistent local SharePoint path names.

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Hello @Len Raphael


do you access that machines with domain user? On machines where there isn't the username.domainname, have you created the account on that machine?

With the "old" control panel, go to "User accounts"->"User accounts"->"Manage other account": do you see the account that you use on that machine? And on machines that have username.domainame, do you see the account in that window.



Turns out that i had done a clean renistall of win 10 to a couple of pcs a month ago I had mistakenly created a local user of the same name as a domain user which i added after joining those pcs to the domain.  Win10 (and maybe early windows?)appends the domain name to the user name in the pc's users folder.


Another reason to use uniqe user name for the local admin.


Created a new local user, logged in as that. renamed old domain user folder. in users manager, deleted both the original local and domain user similar names . (there's a regedit that might be need too)


logged in as the domain user. Windows created correct user dfolder without appending.  And of course I lost the configurations for  a bunch of apps.  Suppose i could copy appdata folders oney by one but probably not worth the troubleshooting later.

and the registry part of the fix:



was necessary to remove both the registries username.domain and the local   username  , so that next time when you login it creates a new SID profile with just your name.


Below is the location from where is deleted profile in registry: