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TLS 1.3

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We are really keen to enable TLS 1.3 on our systems, to simplify management on encryption and ciphers.  It's great there are finally some hints this is coming to Windows in the near future.


I asked about TLS 1.3 on the "Whats new for IT pros" blog, but was given the following answer by 

Sorry you won't be able to join the AMA. We can't publish steps for TLS 1.3 here, as we purposefully left this out of the blog. When TLS 1.3 is ready for public release - even in preview (now its experimental, not preview) the team responsible for TLS 1.3 will post a blog. Until then, I can't post those steps.


Can you PM me instructions on how to enable TLS 1.3? I added the SCHANNEL reg keys and updated my Functions list, but still can't get it to work.


In terms of timeframe, should we be thinking fall (autumn) 2020?  

What about .Net compatibility, will we need version 5?

Will it be released at the same time for desktops and servers?

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Hi @Tom_Fox 

does enabling this flag work out for you?

Annotation 2019-11-23 170526.png




It's not an Edge problem, but a general issue on 1909.  "Early Data" is a specific setting to send GET requests without re-handshaking with a server. You probably wouldn't want to enable this from a security perspective, it's best to have at least some handshake to confirm security.  TLS 1.3 significantly reduces the handshake process, so the performance gain by skipping it is minimal.