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the Difference between windows 10 and 7

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i have Windows 10 home edition, i find that i can’t use all the difference setting like in windows 10 pro

for example setting local for sharing the information with other user’s in my laptop or in other computer.

but that’s doesn’t mean that Windows 10 so bad, he’s Amazing edition; 

i see that everyone who’s i know said that Windows 7 is better;

and i think that there’s a lot who’s i know use this Windows;

what is the difference between the two Windows;

and did i need to change my windows 10 home to pro because i’m a developer;

and thanks.

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I don't need to hear from others, I've been using Windows 10 myself since its launch 5 years ago and now I can't imagine myself working with Windows 7. there are lots of features in Windows 10 I depend on. btw I also know how to code and using Visual Studio 2019 preview :)

difference between Windows 10 home and pro:

You can search for things like "difference between windows 7 and 10" and you will get lots of 3rd party blog posts etc.