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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Stuck in "Let's finish setting up your PC" screen after latest Update.

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After doing a Windows Update today morning my PC gets stuck inside the "Let's finish setting up your PC" screen, without any possibilty for me to interact with it.


The Error: After Starting the PC and logging in with my PIN, after the Explorer fully loaded, the Loading screen for the "Let's finish[...]" screen appears. When the loading finishes, it becomes a whitescreen. With alt+tab I can see, that e.g. the Taskmanager opens up when I open it via CTRL+ALT+DEL, but I cannot interact with it since the Setup window cannot be closed, minimized, or interacted with. It looks like this:stuck_setup_screen.jpg


The "Let's finish[...]" screen does not show up in safe mode, but deactivating the Notification Setting for it (even in Registry) does not fix the Error. I tried uninstalling the latest quality updates, which did not fix the issue. When I try to uninstall the latest functionality updates, I get a Notification that thats not possible and that I should instead reset the PC, which I would like to avoid. Is there any possibilty to get rid of this problem, or should I reset the PC?

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Are you able to boot into Safe Mode?
Do you have access to the Windows installation media?
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Please try starting your PC without a network connection. That way one of my customers was able to use the machine nomally, even after connecting some minutes later. That may be a workaround for a very limited time.

Microsoft is in charge to fully remedy the problem or give instructions to do so.

After the hint by @Reza_Ameri I tried to recover the PC with my recovery media that I created when I got the PC. I only booted into the recovery installation once, without actually initiating the recovery, restarted and booted into my default WIN10 installation again, which ended up fixing the error somehow. I have to note that beforehand I deactivated the Settings > System > Notifications & actions > Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device to get the most out of Windows option by booting into safe mode.


So the Steps to fix the Error I took were:

1. Boot into recovery Mode.

2. Start into safe mode with enabled network drivers

3. Deactivate the Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device to get the most out of Windows option (possibly also in Registry)

4. Boot into recovery mode again, select "Use a device"

5. Use a Recovery USB Stick and boot into the recovery installation. Maybe a Windows install medium works as well.

6. Once booted into the recovery medium, just restart again. After this the Windows never showed again (restartet thrice to test)


Just to be safe I suspended Updates for the next two weeks.

Thank you for sharing and glad the problem has been solved.
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