steps to remove S mode and change microsoft account

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I have a Windows 10 home in S mode with a microsoft account and bitlocker enabled. I want to remove S mode and change the microsoft account to a different microsoft account and preserve my data (my documents, pictures, bookmarks, etc...). What are the proper steps to do this?

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HI Clayton!

Thanks for sharing the issue!

1. Move all the OneDrive files over to a local hardrive or external device.

2. Go to Microsoft Store and search up "Switch out of S Mode".

3. Wait for it to finish, then you should be able in the "Account Info" in Settings to change to local account, sign out then sign back in, then add a Microsoft Account.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply. We tried this on two machines and both are still in S mode and in the microsoft store not on the S mode device list. It doesn't work.