Recent Windows Update Breaking Surface Laptop Keyboards?

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Hi All,


The organization that I support has seen five Surface Laptop keyboards and trackpads fail after a recent Windows Update within the last two weeks. Holding the power button for 20-25 seconds has restored functionality in all cases, but I was curious to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issue? I unfortunately did not look at the update history on the devices in question, just looking to see what others are experiencing.

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do you happen to know what Windows 10 version it was happening on?



Please mention the Windows 10 build or version you're using. That will help us to speculate which update could be the cause in this case.



@Kapil Arya 




Here is a device that was newly imaged, and updated to 1909 from 1903 within the same few hours. The keyboard was working fine after the update to 1909, and after installing cumulative update KB4528760, the keyboard stopped working. Uninstalling the Surface Hid Mini Driver and re-scanning for devices seems to resolve it. One thing I notice is that in the error state, the "Power Management" tab for the device is gone. After reinstalling the driver, it reappears. The driver version remains the same.   I've attached photos of the error received, and other details that may be relevant.


"SurfaceBefore.jpg" shows the state of the device while it is not working.



Same issue. 20161.rs_prerelease.200627-1754

As soon as I installed, keyboard no longer worked on my surface laptop.