“PrintNightmare” KB5004945 update fails with error 0x800f0922

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Hello all,

Hoping for an easy solution. I'm just a regular user, with a single computer, no network drives, no servers, no VPN, nothing crazy. Just a single laptop running, unfortunately, Win10.


Trying to apply the aforementioned update KB5004945 fails on the system.

This is a new (2 month old) Asus, updated to Windows 10, version 21H1. After the system arrived, the SSD was upgraded and a completely clean install from a Windows ISO, not a mfg system image, was done.


The last 3 days, I have tried to Apply the downloaded update and the process seems to go through as required, but then it fails and uninstalls. Screenshot attached.


Any thoughts how I can get this to install? 

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because it is indeed the latest quality update and the rest of the
important updates work - you can pause updates for 7 days for now!
Often later updates install correctly.

Thanks @A1-A1 for the suggestion. I may just do this for now.


Just a little hint: this means for 7 days no security updates ...




You can download the security update manually at any time!
Automatic downloads are paused.
If updates occur repeatedly, it is easiest to pause for 7 days


Hi, that´s correct - but for a "regular user" it might not be as easy as for you :)

I ran into the same problem, trying nearly everything I found in the internet (without another result) ...
This morning I found on "deskmodder.de" a hint that worked: two of the services on my computer were deactivated :(
In German the names are "App-Vorbereitung" and "AppX-Bereitstellungsdienst" - these should be "AppReadiness" and "AppSVC" in English. After setting the start type to "manually" for both and starting them ... the update with KB5004945 was successfully finished :)
I hope, this works for you as well !


Thanks, successful updated!
I have only "AppReadiness" service turned off, after i temporarily turned on this service, update was finished without error.


P.S. Before that fix, i have ~5 days crashes of this updated, but hands were out of reach to fix it :))

@A1-A1 & @Drudel
Thanks for the input, suggestions and feedback. I'll take up @Drudel suggestion and report back with success or not. If so, hopefully it helps others with the same problem.

@DrudelThat didn't work for me. Both services were already set to Manual and started. I even downloaded the MSU. The update installs fine but after the restart, Windows would say the changes couldn't be applied and were undoing it. Of course after I restarted, the update downloads again and pending another restart. I made sure I had all the prerequisites installed so it looks like there is something this cumulative update is looking for to be installed first or the update is targeted at specific configurations and MS forgot to omit that part for other users.


Perfect - often you shouldn't really work out with the latest updates!
it is worth waiting!

I agree ... BUT: this update was strongly recommended by MS because of security issues ...
For this reason I invested much time as well as MadDogDean to find a solution for this problem. Unfortunately all the entries of failed updates for KB5004945 are deleted in between and I cannot show them as a screenshot ... I assume, there were more than 30, as I tried under several conditions including the exchange of hardware and software components. And my recommendation above was the one that finally worked for _my_ computing environment.

@A1-A1 --> I do not understand that you recommend to wait and struggle with w11 ... :)
I am sorry for you, but your comments are not really helpful and it only looks like "gathering of entries". So, do you have any real suggestions to solve the problem(s) ?





I have this update on several computers the first time!

If I had 30 times the occurrence and download the update i would do a clean installation and the computer would be like new!

But the author of the post clearly claimed to be a home user and is with updates

on an ongoing basis. 

Feel like to help other users! 



Zrzut ekranu 2021-07-11 195144.png

Sorry, but polish entries do not help. -

Download time was not the problem because updating from a msu-Version. The original problem occurred on a pretty fast system so trying out was not really a waste in time.

I assume, that you work with windows systems in a rather standardized environment, as you prefer a clean installation. And there your idea makes sense.

The computer I ran into problems with is a high-end system dedicated for working on videos and photos with a lot of apps and tools and so it seemed easier to find out why KB5004945 does stop and ends in an update loop ...
Did you ever consider, how much time it needs to re-install all of this stuff ? To find actual installation files, license information ?

But we are running away from the original problem. And if you like, we can discuss this issue in a private way - just send me an email: <you should know it>
And just another hint: for several years in my business life I was responsible for the "good behaviour" of nearly 80.000 assets operating with windows ... - and for customer satisfaction :)

I already have/had tried all of these hints - without bringing a solution to my problem ...
But thanks for trying to help me find out. Just activating the services I mentioned before did help.


Thank you for your reply is all well and good - it would really be great to see your feedback often - I invite you!

But I'm very happy to delete the email address - it's not in accordance with the MTC 

You should use the address - may be some advance for you :)

Please, do not misunderstand: after more than 40 years of IT-troubles I love to help in a -non commercial- way ....

Except my company I am "back from any obligations" ... and can give a free feedback ...

And please: be not too pride to write me a personal mail: for me it seems that you are a very engaged IT-specialist - and perhaps I can give you some impact on your career ... May be ?