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Since the October 2020 update for Windows Professional I have been unable to network my 2 computers with local accounts that have the same username and password. Previously I could achieve it using the following procedures:

Share drives and folders with permission granted to username on both computers.

The following services were changed to Automatic.

Function Discovery Provider Host

Function Discovery Resource Publication

Network Connections

Peer Name Resolution Protocol

Peer Networking Grouping

Peer Networking Identity Manager

UPNP Device Host


Network and Sharing Centre

Under Adapter Settings each computer has a static IP address configured under Internet Protocol TCP/IP v4

Under Advanced Sharing Settings

Network Discovery set to on in Private, Guest or Public and all Networking also printer sharing as well as the recommended 128bit encryption.


Cannot understand why when checking Network in Explorer it doesn't show the other computer on either of them, this makes it impossible to access any folders, or to configure software to run remotely on either computer.


After all the above can someone advice me on how to Network 2 home computers? First Home Group was removed (why?) and then the other option described above no longer works.


Would be grateful for any advice or suggestions on how to resolve this issue. Have been on the Insider program for two years and finally decided to leave because of this issue.


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Hello @Skywreck,


When Microsoft removed HomeGroup in V1803, they provided two alternatives. See if they can help you:



@Kapil Arya 


You are either or robot or have not read my post, the issues you suggest are covered. Basically appearing to reply but offering solutions that don't actually work.