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Network connections

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I have a peer to peer network set up with Win 10 on all computers.

Computer #1 cannot access #2's shared folder going through the open file option on any program that I try. I also cannot save a file onto #2 computer using the save option in any program from #1.

If I open windows explorer in #1, I can open the file or copy/move any file to or from #2.

What am I missing?

I have computer #3 that has no problem opening or saving files from/to #2.


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Please make sure the network discovery option is enabled on computer #1.

It might be a configuration issue with firewall’s permission on computer #1, check the below services are allowed for private and public network.
-File and Printing Service
-File and Printing Service over SMBDirect


Network discovery is enabled for computer #1.

Where do I find the File and printing Service?

Hi @Bilbo22 

You can find the File and Printing Service configuration in the Windows firewall.


  • Search and launch windows firewall from the Start menu's search box, and select the Allow an app through Windows Firewall.
  • From Windows Defender Firewall, identify File and Printing ServiceFile and Printing Service over SMBDirect, Allow for Private and Public network as exhibited in below screenshots.



Computer #1 can access and save files to computer #3.


Please try to access them through the IP e.g. \\\ 

Thank you.
FIle and printer sharing is checked off in both private and public.
There is no option for SMB Direct. That line doesn't show up.
I tried that through my internet browser and it timed out.
Try to open from RUN (Win + R)
First, check the IP of all computers
CMD > ipconfig /all
I get the message "Windows cannot find '', which is the ip address of computer #2. What am I looking for when I type ipconfig /all on computer #1?


Please make sure:

  1. All computers are configured with a unique name (hostname)
  2. All computers are having unique IP
  3. Network discovery option is enabled on all computers
  4. File and Printing Service is allowed on all computers
  5. All computers are within a same Workgroup

If any of the above settings are not appropriate, you need to configure and restart the computer.



  • Run below commands on all computers in elevated (Run as Admin) cmd.
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /renew
  • If not fixed, try to assign unique static (manually) IP on all computers, with the same subnet and gateway.
All computers have a unique IP and name.
Network discovery is enabled on all.
File and printing service is allowed on all.
They all have the same subnet and gateway.
I'm still having the same issue.


  • Please confirm, all computers are having the same version of Windows 10, go to Run, and type winver
  • Run Windows Update on all computers to get the latest updates, security patches, and drivers.
All computers are running win10.
All computers have the latest updates.
I have confirmed that all computers are running win 10 with all updated in the last hour.

Hi @Bilbo22 

Please go through the below article, I hope you will find it informative and useful.


@SalmanAhmedI went through the article and tried everything. I still cannot access my "server" computer through save or open on any program. Once again I can access it through file explorer.

Hi @Bilbo22

  • Please make sure your all computers are on the same subnet.
  • If yes, assign a static IP address manually on all computers. 

@SalmanAhmedAll 4 computers are on the same subnet and all 4 are using static Ip's.