NEO2 keyboard layout missing

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Please add native support for the German ergonomic NEO2 keyboard layout:

It is supported out of the box on most other operating systems. On Windows, one has to rely on a third-party keyboard driver, and I'm afraid that driver would cease to function in future Windows updates / releases. I'm heavily used to NEO2, and I'd hate to have to go back to QWERTY.

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Agreed. At least in the German community there's a significant portion of (mostly tech-affine, but still) people using NEO2.

@fhajji If that's relevant for you, I noted that the usual driver installation works fine after locking the screen and logging back in. Before doing that, I cannot select NEO2.

I also vaguely remember tweaking something in the registry, but I would have to look that up.
I also became familiar with the neo2 layout on linux in university and now at work it is a real pain point on windows that there is no native support.

Neo2 is my default layout for about 10 years. All these years it is a pain in you-know-where if you have to work on a Windows computers in an enterprise with strong security guidelines. In contrast, Linux supports Neo2 for many years already without any issues. It shouldn't be a big effort for Microsoft team just to add one layout in Windows. All needed barebone code for Neo2 is available for a long time.

Please, add the native support for Neo2!

P.S. I am typing this from Linux, because I am neither allowed to install anything on the enterprise notebook nor customize the layout using 3rd party artifacts modifying the registry



In start menu search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and share this issue.

In case you have any other issues, make sure report them too.


I add myself to the line of devoted NEO2 users! Please support!

I first thought this is a bug after switching from Apple but it seems like this is simply not integrated lol. Please fix this.