Name of Microsoft tools used to collect logs from Computer

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We have Windows 10 Machines that take time to reboot or come back to login screen. it takes 8 minutes to reboot and 6-7 minutes for machine to come out of Standby mode. Sometimes MIC or Camera stop working.

Please suggest which Microsoft Tools can be used to collect Logs of such problem machines. What troubleshooting can be performed to dig deeper and find problems with regards operating system.




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Hi @Rakeshkapoor 


Best place to start would be the event viewer on the computer in question (right click on the start button and select event viewer)


There will be a lot of information there, but it's normally the best place to start when troubleshooting issues.


As it has been said, Event Viewer is the best place to see logs and start investigating.

You may open Task Manager and under Startup tab, check what apps are in startup and their performance impact.

You could also try a safe boot and/or safe mode boot just to see if the issue persists in a clean boot scenario or safe mode.

Right click task bar and select task manager, in task manager select the startup tab and disable all items in here. Then click file menu "Run new task". Type in msconfig and click OK.

In msconfig click the services tab, select the checkbox to hide all Microsoft services and then click the disable all button.

Reboot your PC timing the boot time and if you like wait until the machine sleeps/hibernates and then wake it up to time the wake up time.

If the machine seems MUCH better, then re-enable one 3rd party service, starting with any security related programs you have installed such as 3rd party antivirus or firewalls. Then reboot and test with that 1 service enabled. If you enable ALL the 3rd party services you had enabled before and the machine is STILL responsive and quick with no sign of the slowness you now experience then start re-enabling the startup programs from task manager in the same manner.

Enable one startup program, reboot and test. All good? = Yes, enable another, reboot test, all good? enable another and so on.

If after your first reboot with all services and start programs disabled then do the following:

In msconfig click the boot tab, select safe boot check box and put the dot into network. Restart.

See how fast the PC boots. Is it still slow? Yes=look into possible virus/spyware/adware by scanning the machine with your choice of free antivirus and/or malware tools.

If you scan you machine and it si free of bad guys, then you're most likely experiencing a hardware related problem. Either defective hardware or incompatible BIOS/Firmware or in that area.

You can try reinstalling Windows to a clean NvME/SDD/HDD by removing all the partitions during the windows 10 setup and letting Windows recreate the partitions it needs for the install. After that test again. If the same thing persists I'd look at a hardware problem.