LTSC Limitations and Roadmap

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I'd like some clarification around LTSC as we are trying to determine and where it should be deployed in our organisation (Health Care)


To date Microsoft's vague usage description is ATMs, MRI Machines and Air Traffic Control. The issue is in health care there are thousands of MRI like devices connected to a computer. So we need to evaluate it's appropriate usage oursevles


With LTSC I've recently seen statements and MS slides from MyIgnite that states the following:


- Office ProPlus also isn't supported with LTSC.

- The only version of office that IS supported is Office 2019


I'm confused by the above as we have installed Office Pro Plus versions on LTSC 2016 and 2019 no problem. So is it a case of it installs and just isn't supported? What does 'supported' actually mean in this statement? If Office 2019 IS supported, will Office 2022 or only Office 2019 ever?


It seems clear to me that MS really don't want their users to use LTSC and so I have serious concerns around its roadmap, longevity and changes being made to it in the future.

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here is the official article about your issue:

"Effective January 14, 2020, ProPlus will no longer be supported on the following versions of Windows. This will ensure that both Office and Windows receive regular, coordinated updates to provide the most secure environment with the latest capabilities.
Any Windows 10 LTSC release
Windows Server 2016 and older
Windows 8.1 and older"

so it's normal for you to see it's working for now but after January 14, 2020 it will no longer be supported.

The referenced article more that 1.5 years old.  We are moving on ...  MS needs to keep us updated more frequently.  eg. the stated Win10 Ent 2018 LTSC was actually released as Win10 Ent 2019 LTSC.


How about redoing the article for September 2019?