Lost my digital licence while installing Windows on a new hard drive

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Hello everyone, 


I just re-installed Windows 10 on my new SSD using the Media Creation Tool. 

On my previous SSD, I had a windows 10 digital licence but it seems like I can't activate windows on my new SSD. 

The error code i'm getting is : 0xc004f213. 


What can I do? Do I have to purchase a new licence?




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Check to see if you have installed the right edition, the digital key only works with the right edition and get it activated immediately if you had windows 10 home and you reinstalled pro it won't work
unless you purchase a professional key

That might be the case yes. 


I installed Windows 10 Home where my previous version was Windows 10 Pro if I'm not mystaking.


Is there a way for me to check which version of Windows I used to have on my previous settings?

There is one option I can think of if you can open the storage drive with the new operating system installed on and can locate windows.old folder you can check the previous edition of os that was installed but if there are no windows.old folder then your only chance is to reinstall windows 10 home again and the digital key will activate since most of the laptops with preinstalled os are windows 10 home or purchase a new windows 10 pro license key but before you purchase the key check the edition that is written on the activation page and purchase exactly that key

click start button > search for "Activation" >press the enter key and you will see the windows edition that is installed now