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One of my friends has an issue with their Windows 10 PC. When they bought it all worked fine but then they started using the mail app and while doing this they mistyped the email address.


They typed something like: rather than The problem now is that is a non existing email address. 


The PC now doesn't let my friend login anymore as the Microsoft account isn't valid ( but it does exist, but I can't login with it)


when I try to login with on then I'm gettig messages like:

You have tried to login too many times with either an invalid account or password.


I've tried to recover the microsoft account by adding an existing email address to the but then I need to supply details like skype contacts etc. Skype was never used with this account. same for the Xbox option etc. And I'm getting emails saying that I didn't supply enough information. So this isn't going to work.


I tried to create the email address however the provider supporting has recently changed to and doesn't allow me to create any email addresses anymore.


So then I tried creating a new Microsoft account with This account now exists but I can't add the email address as it's already in use. 


I found that linking accounts or merging account apparently isnt supported for a while. Is there any other approach I could possibly go for. I'm running out of ideas.


Is there a way to use any microsoft account to login to a Windows 10 PC? or to add a microsoft account to a windows 10 PC? 


I've not got a access to a Windows 10 PC that isn't connected to a domain.


So I'm not sure how I can possibly fix this. My friend lives many miles aways.



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I suppose the bultin admin account was not activated, correct?

Then you can try to activate it using one of the many tools you can find on the Internet (see for example

After that, you could delete the wrong account and recreate a correct one.

Hope it helps...