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Hi all,

We have Windows 10 Education 1709 and 1803 deployed, during the installation of the OS we add the Hebrew language via PowerShell.

At first, the user has two languages in the language bar: English (United States) US keyboard and Hebrew (Standard) Keyboard.

After working for some time another keyboard layout named Hebrew Keyboard is added to the language list.

When this happens, I check the languages and I don't see where it comes from. I remove and add the languages, remove and add the keyboards and in the end it fixes it self.

I tried the registry key IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout, didn't work. My windows country and region is Israel and Windows display language is English (United States).

I read about editing the Preload registry but also found it not helpful.

On one computer we tried setting "let me use a different input method for each app window" and it worked until the end of the day. When the user logged in the next day the issue returned. On another computer just removing the languages seemed to be working.

I also read somewhere about deleting the keyboard layout DLL file, but that sounds harsh.

I would really appreciate the help, this is driving me nuts. :)

Thanks, Rahamim.

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are you still having this issue?

you don't want the Hebrew language to be automatically added, is that correct?
when you downloaded your Windows 10 installation ISO file, which locale did it have?

it could also be coming from your Microsoft account when you sign into Windows, because you previously must have synced your modifications.
The problem still happen.
I want the Hebrew to automatically be added. The problem is seeing two Hebrew languages in the language bar.
We are using EN-US ISO. The license is education.
Also, this happens to several users.
2 Hebrew languages that are exactly the same? or with for example different dialects ?
I don't think it's possible to have 2 exactly duplicate languages..

@HotCakeXLike I wrote in my original post when adding the Hebrew language there are two Hebrew layouts to choose from: "Hebrew" and "Hebrew (Standard)"

I don't understand why after removing and adding the language and having one layout another layout suddenly added without any user known action...

What's the difference between those 2 ?

@HotCakeXNo idea... Also, ever since I upgraded those users to office 365 pro plus it looks like it resolved itself...

Oh, so a Windows 10 problem got fixed by Office 365. well that's surprising but i'll keep that in mind in case something like that happens to me, so thanks