How to remove file association as Choose a default in Windows 10?

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I downloaded apk files in my computer. Later on I installed BlueStacks 5 in my computer.

Now apk files icon changed automatically. All apk icons is of BlueStack and it says, type of file as BlueStacks Android Package File.

I tried Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Choose default apps by file type as


But I couldn't find option. Please look it and let us know, how to resolve it.

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Open the file explorer, select the file you want to set by default --to always open by > the application you specified.

Then right click ( context ) > select open with and the protocol will expand > where you will have to check always open with this application click OK and all icons will change.

Good luck, you are always welcome

@A1-A1thank you replying for my question.


Apk is an android application file. I keep apk files in my computer. If required, I copy them to android phone and install. I never used any application in my Windows 10 PC for opening apk files.

That's why no appropriate application in the computer for apk files.


Since I installed BlueStack 5 in my computer, apk files automatically get associated with apk files and icon changed.


I am really sorry that I couldn't find steps you explained.


I opened File Explorer by Windows+E. I didn't find apk files. With Windows+E, I see This PC.


Pls let me know different way or elaborate steps you explained.


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I understand , I think you can change the default program to decompress APK files and this path

I meant .

@A1-A1thank you for replying me back.


Before installing BlueStack, apk files were looking like this 


After installing BlueStack, apk files look like


I want which is before installing BlueStack.

Yes - this protocol I meant, there is a label (change) with what to open, and will develop what applications can open it or download from the Microsoft store - I see only such a possibility
Hello, did anybody find a solution here?

@NndnG sadly the only way i found was to uninstall bluestacks as a whole. I ran into the same issue trying to install other apk files. you can uninstall bluestacks by:

1. go to your computer settings and select apps

2. scroll through until you see three bluestacks things: player, bluestacks x, and info. delete them all. after apk files will install as normal.

Uninstall Bluestacks app and restart the computer. After that, reinstall it again and don't make any file association to Bluestacks app. By doing this, the apk file icon won't be seen as Bluestacks.