How to remove file association as Choose a default in Windows 10?

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I downloaded apk files in my computer. Later on I installed BlueStacks 5 in my computer.

Now apk files icon changed automatically. All apk icons is of BlueStack and it says, type of file as BlueStacks Android Package File.

I tried Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Choose default apps by file type as


But I couldn't find option. Please look it and let us know, how to resolve it.

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Open the file explorer, select the file you want to set by default --to always open by > the application you specified.

Then right click ( context ) > select open with and the protocol will expand > where you will have to check always open with this application click OK and all icons will change.

Good luck, you are always welcome

@A1thank you replying for my question.


Apk is an android application file. I keep apk files in my computer. If required, I copy them to android phone and install. I never used any application in my Windows 10 PC for opening apk files.

That's why no appropriate application in the computer for apk files.


Since I installed BlueStack 5 in my computer, apk files automatically get associated with apk files and icon changed.


I am really sorry that I couldn't find steps you explained.


I opened File Explorer by Windows+E. I didn't find apk files. With Windows+E, I see This PC.


Pls let me know different way or elaborate steps you explained.


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I understand , I think you can change the default program to decompress APK files and this path

I meant .

@A1thank you for replying me back.


Before installing BlueStack, apk files were looking like this 


After installing BlueStack, apk files look like


I want which is before installing BlueStack.

Yes - this protocol I meant, there is a label (change) with what to open, and will develop what applications can open it or download from the Microsoft store - I see only such a possibility
Hello, did anybody find a solution here?