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Dear friends,

I have been storing documents in an external disk for many years. I have always encrypted them through my different computers and windows systems. And I always was exporting the certificates with the private passport and importing them into the new computers without any problem.

I have imported the certificates with the private password into my new labtob with Windows 10 but now I am unable to open the encrypted documents of the external disk.

Can anyone help? Thank you very much in advance, Juan

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Are all your systems on the same version of Windows 10? If you encrypted or updated your encryption to say the latest version, 1803, then prior versions of Windows may not be able to read/write to that encrypted volume.

Dear Cary,


Thank you very much for your answer and help. All the documents were encrypted using Windows 7 Professional Edition on a Dell labtop. Now i am using w10



Dear friends,


I have been trying lately to recover the encrypted documents. However still unsuccessfully…


What I have discovered is that the fingerprints of the certificate exported and imported again is exactly the same as their fingerprint shown in the encrypted documents.


Has anybody got any idea of what would be the problem?


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Hello everyone,

I finally solved the problem and I write this message in case it could help any other people with the same problem.

After trying to open the encrypted documents in the old laptop running W7 where I encrypted them and with new versions with W10, I started looking with other PC with W7 installed.

I finally found and old PC where my old certificate was able to open the encrypted documents.

Hope that this helps you, Juan.