File explorer rate column

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The File Explorer rate column appears to be enabled for only a certain number of file types.  For example, it works with MP4 files, but not with MPG files.  Is there a way to enable the rate column for MPG files in the registry?

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I tried adding Rating column to Windows Explorer in a folder containing various file types, including one picture that I manually renamed its extension to be .mpg, the rating column still was there.

@HotCakeXIt isn't a matter of whether the column appears in File Explorer.  Even when that column appears in a folder, it is disabled for MPG files, but enabled for MP4 files.  I would like to be able to enable the rating column so that I can rate MPG files and perhaps other file types that are currently disabled.

Which Windows 10 build are you using?



Well file rating has issues, im on insider fast ring and I can't even rate PNG files.
the whole rating procedure is also too hard. have to right-click on files and go to properties then rate and click apply and exit. too much work to do for something so simple


So hasn't anyone, Microsoft included, figured out a way to fix this?  It would be nice if any file could be rated and tagged directly from File Explorer.