Excel Error - File is not in a recognizable format

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I have an Excel 2010 file which I really need to access quickly. Unfortunately, whenever I try opening the file, I get an annoying error message saying “File is not in a recognizable format”. I am quite sure that the file is in .xlsx format as I was updating and using it until last evening. Can someone please lend me a helping hand at resolving this error?

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Dear Laura,


I had a similar issue too however you can try unchecking all the checkboxes in the protected view and data execution prevention mode, please inform if it worked.

Let me try this.

I am still not able to view the spreadsheet, this did not work.
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Dear Laura,


These are the few solutions, try them:

  1. Delete the unwanted add-ins
  2. Use Open and repair option
  3. Move the file from one location to another and try to open it
  4. Save the file in HTML format

I was reading the conversation on Excel weekend 4 which is going to happen in Brazil. The Excel expert Cristiano Galvão discussed about an Excel Repair software. The software can repair corrupt Excel file. The software is Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair and you can try it.


Good Luck!

Amazing!!!.. Yes I fixed it