Enable Microsoft Store while keeping WSUS pointed at our internal SCCM server


I saw a similar post from a couple of years ago, but wanted to see if anything has changed since then.

We use WSUS features of SCCM to push monthly patches to all workstations, so we have specified an intranet Microsoft Update service location. That has worked great for years, but now we have users trying to install apps from the Microsoft Store and getting errors that they need to enable Windows Update. I'm assuming that is because it can't find the app info on our internal SCCM server.

Is there any way to allow the Microsoft Store to use the default Windows Update settings, while keeping the Windows Update settings pointed at our WSUS server?

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I really would like to know the answer too!


because I know you can limit the store apps to only those your employees need but I didn't know if you use WSUS, you won't be able to use Windows store.


would you mind mentioning which Windows 10 version you are using? thanks