DateTime-Sent-to-Printer as File Property Detail in Windows 10

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Printer sometimes taking day(s) creates challenge (impossible) identifying printouts of different documents (footer having filename is insufficient when names can be same while different folders). 

Having time-sent-to-printer as footer to me is simplest solution (I only need to record DateTime of folder I have printed;  as match to printouts if it contains DateTime-Sent-to-Printer).

Although printer is capable of add print time to printout, it is NOT time-sent-to-printer.

DateTime-Sent-to-Printer as file attribute would ease my job to search for files printed for certain time frame. 


I have thought of following alternatives:

  1. Using printout order not viable; it is not necessarily same order sent to printer.
  2. Adding folderpath into filename as a way to differentiate (sorting) printouts is a solution but cumbersome requiring programming.
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