Customizing, Deploying and Sysprepping Windows 10 v1709 PRO

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Does anyone have a guide / suggestions on customizing the start menu, removing / hiding windows 10 start apps and sysprepping windows 10?  We have issues during sysprep, it fails, related to some of the apps.  Is there any way to keep the removed apps / programs to remain through the quarterly upgrades that roll through?  We have tried but after Windows Update "auto upgrade" a lot of our customization get killed and the removed apps get re-loaded.


Thanks for all your input!

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Check out this link and review the bottom of the thread regarding Powershell cmds to remove the apps.  You'll have to script this within you TS to ensure they don't install.  Once disabled, and after upgrading to 1709, any further updates "should not" (according to MS) re-install them.

Thank you Jason for your reply!  We tried the powershell scripts to remove them, it does remove them, but unfortunately they come back after the automatic updates the the quarterly releases.  We haven't found a solution to the problem yet.  I have a test account with Azure, but not a lot of luck managing the PCs with it.  If anyone else has any other suggestions, your input would be appreciated!